Cylinder Cleaning

We deliver ultrasonic cleaning systems for cylinders for differen uses / areas :

food industry

paper industry

plastics industry

metal industry

Ultrasonic cleaning is recognized as one of the most effective ways to clean a wide range of cylinders. Our machines are equipped with a motor-driven cylinders take-up, so that all fats, oils and other particles can be removed by the rotation. We offer customized solutions for cleaning the cylinders. The ultrasonic cleaning systems usually have the following functionalities :

  • Motor-driven cylinder rotation
  • Frequency modulation
  • Dry-run protectiom
  • Power control
  • Overflow edges

Ultrasonic cleaning system to clean an anilox cylinder:

Features of the cylinder cleaning system :

  • Cleaning chamber
  • Electrical driven cylinder take-up
  • Storage tank for the Cleaning agent
  • Storage tank for the rinsing agent
  • Ultrasound submersible transducer and generators
  • Filling level monitoring (Pumpen- und Heizungsschutz)
  • Temperature control
  • Timer
  • Sensory inspection of the lid
  • PLC control


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