Tool cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective and gentle process for cleaning a wide variety of tools and molds. These include in particular:

  • Machine components
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Diecasting tools
  • Extrusion dies
  • Tools for the stamping and forming technology
  • Moldings for plastic pressure die-casting production
  • Moldings for aluminium pressure die-casting production

The main advantage of the ultrasonic cleaning process is that manual cleaning work can be reduced, as well as cleaning in areas where manual cleaning is impossible. Furthermore, the cutting and contour quality of the tools remain, thus ensuring a longer durability of cutting and grinding tools. In addition, a possible damage to the tool is counteracted by the mechanical processing by hand. Even after several cleaning cycles, neither edge erosion nor mechanical abrasion can be detected when using Ultrasonic cleaning. The surface quality and thus also the product quality are preserved in the long term.

Experience has shown that for larger and more complex moldings, a cleaning time of several hours may occur in the Ultrasonic cleanings system. In our experience, depending on the tool contour, it takes between one and eight hours per cleaning process. The large bandwidth with regard to the duration of the process is due to the circumstance of the very different tool contours. For simple surface cleaning, a cleaning time of one hour is usually sufficient. If the contours are characterized by ribs, complex geometry, deep undercuts, deep holes you have to expect higher process times. However, compared to manual cleaning, cleaning times are considerably lower.

We develop the ultrasonic cleaning system suitable for your tool

A large variety of options is available, e. g.:

  • Surface skimming
  • Blowing off
  • Conservation
  • Rinsing
  • Drying

Your tool should be cleaned effectively and gently, then contact us. We will try to help you