Multi Chamber Cleaning Machines

To solve complex cleaning problems, multi-step procedures are recommended. The contamination, part geometry and size influence the selection of the method. In a personal meeting with you on site, we examine the existing conditions to work together with you to find the right solution.

Multi chamber cleaning machines meet the highest demands on the cleanliness of the components to be cleaned. Within the modular cleaning system, several cleaning chambers can be filled at the same time with goods carriers / baskets and you get an extremely high part output.

A large variety of options is available, e. g.:

  • Automatic transport system
  • Automatic additional dosing and wastwater treatment
  • Preliminary cleaning and fine cleaning
  • Rinsing steps with deionised water
  • Immersion rinsing or spray rinsing
  • Drying chambers and suction
  • Thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of the chambers
  • Process control by PLC

Multi chamber cleaning machines to clean parts in the für die electroplating

Features of the multi chamber cleaning machines:

  • Chamber1: Ultrasonic cleaning via ultrasound submersible transducer
  • Chamber2: Immersion- and pressure rinsing
  • Chamber3: circulating-air-drying with heat exchanger and fresh air
  • Automatic transport system consisting of roller conveyor , chain conveyor and a transfersystem
  • Magnetic centrifugal pump and candle filter systeme
  • Automatic additional dosing and wastewater treatment
  • Filling level monitoring, surface skimming
  • Protection device
  • Chambers are thermally insulated and soundproof
  • Cycle times and linger cycles are controllable via PLC

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