What is meant by ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most innovative and common surface cleaning methods today. Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly used on components made of metal or plastic. With the ultrasonic cleaning even heavily soiled parts can be cleaned without manual intervention and without damaging them. Further advantages are the short cleaning times and the high surface tension of the component after ultrasonic cleaning. Follow-up processes such as painting, coating or gluing are often only possible with upstream ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic systems are used in almost all areas of industry. Whether to achieve the technical cleanliness of relevant automotive parts, surface pre-treatment for subsequent coatings or electroplating processes or even to assist in the removal of coatings, such as paints or coatings.

We design und manufacture cleaning systems for the electroplating:

  • Degreasing baths
  • Electroplating baths (pickling baths)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Influencing factors of ultrasonic cleaning?

In order to achieve an optimal cleaning result with the ultrasonic cleaning, further influencing factors have to be considered. The most important influencing factors are:

  • Cavitation (generated by ultrasound)
  • Temperature
  • Chemistry
  • Time

A higher cleaning effect is usually achieved with higher temperatures of the cleaning fluid. Therefore, all cleaning systems are equipped with a regulated, adjustable heater. An intensive cavitation effect is achieved in the cleaning systems by the use of a corresponding ultrasonic generator, which generates a so-called impulse sound. In this type of ultrasound, a 4-fold peak power is introduced into the cleaning bath compared to the mean value of the power. The influencing variable "CHEMICAL" is determined by the choice of a special cleaning agent which corresponds to the respective cleaning problem. It is crucial to dissolve the dirt by the cleaning agent; the detachment is done by the ultrasound. It is important that a cleaning agent as well as the system appropriate cleaning agent is used to prevent damage.