Industrial parts cleaning

The spray cleaningsverfahren is particularly suitable for components with a low complexity or simple geometry. This method has the advantage that it is less expensive than ultrasonic cleaning. In particular, easily adhering and also organic soiling can be easily removed by this method.

We design and manufacture :

  • Single chamber cleaning machines
  • Continuous flow systems

We would like to design a system that can be integrated into your production line and meets your individual requirements. The design of the system is based on:

We develop the ultrasonic cleaning system suitable for your tool

  • Dimensions od the component
  • Throughput
  • Cycle time
  • Quality requirement
  • Process steps (cleaining, rinsing, drying)

In particular, the movement of goods within the cleaning system and the material assembly can be realized very individually depending on the component. We have experience with single part picking by robots, servopneumatic positioning and gripper systems as well as with chain conveyors.

According to your needs and production conditions we are able to design the suitable spray cleanings system.

A large variety of options is available, e. g.:

  • Automatic transport system
  • Automatic additional dosing and wastewater treatment
  • Preliminary cleaning and fine cleaning
  • Rinsing steps with deionised water
  • Immersion rinsing or spray rinsing
  • Drying chambers and suction
  • Thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of the chambers
  • Automatic transport system
  • Process control by PLC

You are looking for a spray cleanings system, which fits to your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.