Electroplating systems

In the electroplating (decorative and functional), the surfaces of products, components and workpieces are coated with high-quality and durable metals (copper, nickel). Previously, these substrates must be pretreated and cleaned to ensure a low reject rate during the production process and a high surface quality. Stainings such as oil or greases must be removed in advance.

Only degreasing is not sufficient for present quality requirements, especially with regard to particulate impurities. In addition to degreasing, the removal of foreign materials from the part surface increasingly comes to the fore. The surface properties of the substrate must not be changed. The cleaning of the components during production ensures an optimal surface finish of the workpiece before any further processing, assembly or coating. The prerequisite for this is that within the cleaning process the particle contamination, fats, oils and emulsions are removed from the workpiece surface in order to achieve a surface state specified by the subsequent process step or by the customer.


We design und manufacture cleaning systems for the electroplating:

  • Degreasing baths
  • Electroplating baths (pickling baths)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Features of the single chamber cleaning machines for the electroplating:

  • Electroplating bath made out of stainless steal
  • Sprinklers and overflow channel for the surface skimming
  • Submersible pump to feed the sprinklers
  • Filling level monitoring
  • Ultrasonic submersible transducers and ultrasonic generator
  • Cartridge heater
  • Timer

If you would like to have more information about our cleaning systems, please contact us.