Logistics System

The Logistics system of our cleaning systems are fully automatic and aligned to given circumstances. We design and manufacture individual and flexible transport systems with our supplier. The choice of these individual logistics systems is based to the following aspects:

  • Cleaning method
  • Geometry of the parts
  • Prozess integration in existing production lines
  • Space requirement inside the production line
  • Upstream and downstream production plants

We are glad to integrate our cleaning systems in your upstream and downstream production plants, in order to ensure a continuous and clocked material flow

Due to our many years of experience, we can offer you to design and manufacture the right solution for you. Our wealth of experience includes in particular the following construction methods / components:

  • individual transport chains and material picking solutions
  • Separate construction of conveyor belts
  • Low-maintenance chain drive
  • Drive monitoring
  • Use of robots
  • Use of pneumatic drives
  • Use of servopneumatic positioning systems
  • gripping modules with pneumatic and electric drives

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