Wire Coating

We design and manufacture systems for wire coating by spraying or dipping. During the spraying process, the medium is pumped via nozzle units onto the wire. In the dipping process, the medium is pumped from below into the coating containers. The wire runs through the medium.

The wire coating system includes the following functionalities:

  • coating and drying in one unit
  • Coating chamber, storage tank , frame, cladding made out ofstainless steel
  • Agitator for the circulation of the coating material
  • Wire guiding made out plastics
  • Chamber thermally insulated and soundproof
  • Plug-in heater
  • Filling level monitorin and temperature control
  • PLC control

You need an individual wire coating system, which should be integrated into your existing production process? Our staff will gladly advise you on site. Your individual circumstances are decisive for the right wire coating system.

These parameters include:

  • Quantity of wires
  • Necessary processes (rinsing, coating and drying)
  • Throughput time
  • Passage height
  • Control type (automatic/ hand-guided)

You are looking for a wire coating system, which fits to your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.